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         Northern Tool mold department is very careful to make sure we reach the satisfaction of our clients. Once the Mold Design has reached the approval of the client, we start a short pilot run. We pay close attention to the cooling system and heating system to make sure we reach the expectations of our clients. Northern Tool test from 160 up to 960 cavities to reach the qualifications of the product.

        Additional Service after pilot run: QC (Quality Control), CTQ (Critical to Quality), R&R (Repeatability and Reproducibility).



Onsite Equipment/Technology


          • 300 Ton Hull Machine

       Thermoset Injection

          • 420 Ton Krauss Maffei Machine

          • 420 Ton Krauss Maffei Machine (with Robot)

          • 400 Ton Reed Machine

          • 280 Ton Shinwa Seiki Machine

          • 200 Ton Reed Machine

          • 160 Ton Shinwa Seiki Machine

     Thermoset Injection

          • 300 Ton Reed Machine

          • 170 Van Dorn Machine




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