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Whether you need an emergency quick repair or a complete mold repair, Northern Tool will gladly be here to help you. If there is damaged or worn out componets, Northern Tool will replace all necessary components from the mold. We will make sure your refurbished mold will look good as new.


Features and Benefits:

          • Core Pins                           • Hard Milling                      

          • Ejector Pins                       • Hard Turning                      

          • Leader Pins                       • Welding

          • Springs                               • Reverse Engineering

          • Slide Componets              • Wire and sinker EDM



Phase 1

• Disassemble mold

• Strip Chrome from inserts

• Replace Guide Pins and Bushings

• Replace Ejector Pins (As needed)

• Replace Core Pins

• Replace Interlocks (Progressive Z-style)

• Refurbish Sprue Bushing

• Replace Gate Cutters

• New DME Style Electrical Boxes and Connectors

Before Refurbishing


Phase 3

• Assemble mold and setup for sample run

• Dry cycle mold at full temperature to ensure proper movement of componenets

• Mold 500 shots

• Clean mold from top to bottom

• Paint frame with High Temperature Rust Preventive Paint (Gray

• Ready mold shipment in Wooden Crates


Phase 2

• Weld and repair minor damage (major damage is beyond scope)

• Weld all washout and vents

• Install shot counter if possible

• Grind all parting line surfaces and requalify vents

• Assemble mold and fit mold for shutoff (extensive work for handle molds)

• Bench and polish all molding surfacess

• Chrome plate all inserts


After Refurbishing

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